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Built under Permitted Development


A single storey extension may be built under Permitted Development if it meets the following criteria.



*  The house isn’t in designated land, such as National Parks and the Broads,

    Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Conservation Areas and World Heritage Sites.


*  A single storey extension doesn’t exceed 50% of the site area, if the original house

   was built after 1st July 1948.


*  A single storey side extension doesn’t project beyond the front and rear walls

   of the existing building and isn’t more than half its width.


*  A single storey rear extension doesn’t project beyond the side walls of the   

    existing building.


*  A single storey side or rear extension doesn’t exceed 4 metres in height and

    is no higher than the existing building.


*  A single storey side or rear extension’s eaves/gutter height doesn’t exceed

   3 metres if within 2 metres of a boundary.


*  A single storey rear extension to a terraced or semi-detached house doesn’t

    exceed 3 metres in depth, or 4 metres for detached properties.


*  A single storey rear extension isn’t within 7 metres of the rear boundary.


*  A front porch doesn’t exceed 3 square metres measured externally, and

   is no more than 3 metres high, nor within 2 metres of the front boundary.


*  All building materials should match the existing building.




*  We’ll come to you to talk over your project, free of charge, and let you know what’s possible.


*  We’ll send you an estimate of our fees and let you know what other costs are involved,

   especially Local Authority charges.


*  We’ll carry out a measured Survey of the existing building, and plot the surrounding

    area and adjoining properties.


*   We’ll draw up the Survey plans and elevations, as these are needed by the Local Authority.


*   We’ll prepare Scheme drawings for you to agree, showing plans and elevations

     of your proposed extension.


*   We’ll prepare and submit the Lawful Development Certificate Application to the Local Authority.


*   We’ll receive an Acknowledgement of the Application from the Council giving a decision date

     - which is usually a minimum of 8 weeks from the acknowledgement date.


*  The Planning Officer will visit your property, and your neighbours’, and take photographs

    to assist with their report.


*   Your Application will be considered by the Planning Department and a decision will be

     received in 8 weeks.


*   Once you’ve received the Lawful Development Certificate you’ll need to think about

    construction drawings.


*   If Permitted Development is refused you will need to make Planning Application.