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Built under Planning Permission


*  Planning Permission is always required for any new build including a replacement house.


*  Planning Permission is also required for the demolition of an existing house. 


*  Where it’s intended to build a replacement house, it’s important to obtain Planning Permission

   for the demolition and rebuild before the existing house is knocked down.  If possible,

   it’s preferable to construct the new house before demolishing the old one, especially in the

   Green Belt.


*  Replacement houses built in the Green Belt generally have a restriction placed upon them of an

   increase in the footprint, or cubic capacity, of between 10% and 15% of the original building,

   depending on the Local Authority concerned.


*  At the very beginning of the project a Flood Risk Assessment and a Soils Investigation should be

   carried, as the results of these may impact upon any Planning Application.


*  Depending on your location, you may also need a Tree Report and a Tree Protection Plan,

   a Protected Species Survey (especially in the Green Belt), an Historic Environment Records

   Search Statement, and a Renewable Energy Statement.


*  The design of a new house must be eco-friendly and also take into account the requirements

    of a Code 3 or 4 Sustainable Homes Assessment.
















*  We’ll come to you to talk over your project, free of charge, and let you know what’s possible.


*  We’ll send you an estimate of our fees and let you know what other costs are involved,

   especially Local Authority charges.


*  We’ll carry out a measured Survey of the existing building (if applicable), the site and the

   surrounding area and adjoining properties. This will include a topographical survey with

   ground levels and the location of any trees.


*   We’ll draw up the Survey plans and elevations, as these are needed by the Local Authority.


*   We’ll prepare Scheme drawings for you to agree, showing plans, sections, and elevations

    of the proposed new house.


*   We’ll prepare a Design and Access Statement needed to accompany the Planning Application,

    and liaise with those specialists you may need to appoint to prepare other Statements required

    by your Local Authority, such as an Arboriculturist.


*   We’ll prepare and submit the Planning Application to the Local Authority.


*   We’ll receive an Acknowledgement of the Application from the Council giving a decision date

    - this is usually a minimum of 8 weeks from the acknowledgement date.


*  The Council will send Notice letters to your neighbours giving them 21 days to comment on

    your Application.


*  The Planning Officer will visit the site, and neighbouring properties, and take photographs to

   assist with their report.


*   Your Application is likely to be decided by the Planning Department under delegated powers,

     unless there are justifiable objections from neighbours.  In which case it will go before a Planning

     Committee, taking longer than 8 weeks.


*   Once you’ve received Planning Permission you’ll need to think about construction drawings.


*   If Planning Permission is refused you can Appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.