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Carried out under Planning Permission


*  All building works to Listed Buildings require Planning Permission and Listed Building

   Consent from the Local Authority, and other statutory bodies ie.  English Heritage and the Royal 

   Commission on the Historical Monuments of England.  This includes demolition, extensions,

   alterations, and repairs.


*  All building materials must match the existing building.


*  Any changes to the approved drawings will require either written consent from the Local Authority,

  or a new Planning Application.


*  Some Planning Permissions have Conditions attached which will have to be discharged before

   starting building works. This means submitting a more detailed application and fee, and can take    

   between 3 and 8 weeks for approval.


*  If there are trees close to an extension you may need an Arboriculturist’s Report, a Tree Protection

   Plan,  and a foundation scheme designed by a Structural Engineer.  This will definitely be needed

   in the case of TPO Listed Trees.







*  We’ll come to you to talk over your project, free of charge, and let you know what’s possible.


*  We’ll send you an estimate of our fees and let you know what other costs are involved,

   especially Local Authority charges.


*  We’ll carry out a measured Survey of the existing building, and plot the surrounding area and

   adjoining properties.


*   We’ll draw up the Survey plans and elevations as this is needed by the Local Authority.


*   We’ll prepare Scheme drawings for you to agree, showing plans, sections, and elevations

    of your proposed project.


*   We’ll prepare 1:1 scale drawings showing detailed sections of the proposed internal

    joinery works.


*   We’ll prepare a Design & Access Statement, a Method Statement, a Heritage Statement,

    and a Statement of Significance all needed to accompany the Planning Application. 


*   We’ll prepare and submit the Planning Application to the Local Authority, including an

    Application for Demolition if necessary.


*   We’ll receive an Acknowledgement of the Application from the Council giving a decision date

    - which is usually a minimum of 8 weeks from the acknowledgement date.


*  The Council will send Notice letters to your neighbours giving them 21 days to comment

    on your Application.


*  The Planning and Conservation Area Officers will visit your property, and your neighbours’,

    and take photographs to assist with their reports.


*   Your Application will be decided by the Planning Department under delegated powers,

     unless there are justifiable objections from neighbours.  In which case it will go before

     a Planning Committee, taking longer than 8 weeks.


*   Once you’ve received Planning Permission you’ll need to think about construction drawings.


*   If Planning Permission is refused you can Appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.