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Carried out under Planning Permission


*  Generally building works, including demolition, alterations, or repairs to buildings in

    a Conservation Area will require Planning Permission, and Conservation Area Consent,

    from the Local Authority and other statutory bodies,  ie the Royal Commission on the

    Historical Monuments of England.


*  All building materials must match the existing building.


*  Any changes to the approved drawings will require either written consent from the Local

   Authority, or a new Planning Application.


*  Some Planning Permissions have Conditions attached which will have to be discharged

   before starting building works. This means submitting a more detailed application and fee,

   and can take between 3 and 8 weeks for approval.


*  If there are trees close to an extension you may need an Arboriculturist’s Report, a Tree

   Protection Plan, and a foundation scheme designed by a Structural Engineer. 

  This will definitely be needed in the case of TPO Listed Trees.






*  We’ll come to you to talk over your project, free of charge, and let you know what’s possible.


*  We’ll send you an estimate of our fees and let you know what other costs are involved,

   especially Local Authority charges.


*  We’ll carry out a measured Survey of the existing building, and plot the surrounding area

   and adjoining properties.


*   We’ll draw up the Survey plans and elevations, as these are needed by the Local Authority.


*   We’ll prepare Scheme drawings for you to agree, showing plans and elevations

    of your proposed project.


*   We’ll prepare a Design & Access Statement, a Heritage Statement, and a Statement

    of Significance needed to accompany the Planning Application. 


*   We’ll prepare and submit the Planning Application to the Local Authority, including

    an Application for Demolition if necessary.


*   We’ll receive an Acknowledgement of the Application from the Council giving a decision date

     - which is usually a minimum of 8 weeks from the acknowledgement date.


*  The Council will send Notice letters to your neighbours giving them 21 days to comment

   on your Application.


*  The Planning and Conservation Area Officers will visit your property, and your neighbours’,

    and take photographs to assist with their reports.


*   Your Application will be decided by the Planning Department under delegated powers,

    unless there are justifiable objections from neighbours.  In which case it will go before

    a Planning Committee, taking longer than 8 weeks.


*   Once you’ve received Planning Permission you’ll need to think about construction drawings.


*   If Planning Permission is refused you can Appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.